Dear Diary...

Hey everyone,

I am working on this new website with my new host! Gone are the days when I was interested in tinkering with HTML and every little thing - got no more time for that! My old site was too hard to update quickly and also didn't make it easy to embed video or marmoset viewer. Also, it was annoying not being able to blog. So here I am, a new man. Welcome.

Here's a little video I put up on the TOOB talking about my new standing JARVIS desk. I really love this thing and it's made working long hours more bearable.

While were at it I also up a quick video on how to get your Substance Painter PBR textures to render properly in V-Ray. Just something I figured out and was thrilled to discover. Maybe you'll be just as thrilled. But probably not.

Right now I am training every day in a myriad of tools and workflows to create a new body of work. I'm in no particular rush to show these pieces. Instead, I would like to release it all at one time along with this website. Chances are you will not read these very words until long after I've written them. I am very happy overall, I think I'm just so stoked to be making visible progress in life and feeling like I have control. Stay tuned for more, 2018 has a lot more life to come.

Jeremy CantonComment