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About Jeremy Canton

Welcome to my site!

I live in Toronto and was raised by the sugar pies of Quebec and the suburbia of Ontario. I'm part of the generation of kids that had their minds blown by Jurassic Park and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Land Before Time.

My mom worked in publishing and got me drawing at a young age — making our own picture books. So I doodled, but I didn't take art seriously until high school. My cousin introduced me to what was then called Macromedia Flash and instantly I fell in love with how much better vector-based shapes looked over MS Paint (which I used to try and draw South Park characters with). From there I took off into Flash MX animations and Photoshop, and even started making some money from my developing skills.

I knew I needed to become a better artist though, so about a million years and ten thousand sheets of paper later I graduated from Sheridan College Animation. By this time, small influences like Halo: Combat Evolved hit my generation and replaced the allure of things like The Lion King, and I started heading down the path towards games instead of animation.

I knew I needed to learn 3D at some point though, so I enrolled in Seneca College's awesome 8-month crash course Game Art program.  I worked as an Concept Artist at Beeline Interactive (Capcom) where we developed mobile games for iPhone and Android and then at Digital Leisure as a Character Artist for PS4/Xbox. 

Now I am focusing on sharpening my skills every single day to continue working in video games and cinematic CG. Thanks for checking out my work!

~ Jer


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